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Multiple Port Mapping ASA 8.0.3

I have a webserver that that has a portmapping from the outside x.x.x.x port 80 to a dmz address y.y.y.y port 82. Works fine. I want to have the outside x.x.x.x port 80 mapped also to a dmz address v.v.v.v port 83 when x.x.x.x is taken down to display a slash page for temporary outages. I would only have one rule active at a time. Any way to do this? I disabled the real rule and tried to add the temp rule but the ASA will not let me.


Re: Multiple Port Mapping ASA 8.0.3

Can't you just paste in a 'no static ...' on the real entry while simultaneously pasting in the temporary static entry? Then just reverse the process when you're ready to switch back. Obviously you'd also have to add a corresponding ACE for the alternate destination port.

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Re: Multiple Port Mapping ASA 8.0.3

You will also need to clear the xlate table "clear xlate" Please note this command will tear down all xlates, you should use the command with a specific global address.

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