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Multiple SNMP strings on Pix-501

Does the pix-501 support multiple SNMP communities?  Im trying to add a second one, but the original community string gets removed when I add the new one.  If we can have multiple SNMP hosts, then I woud imagine you could have multiple strings. I thought it was like most switches and routers, which can have the following:

snmp-server community STRING1

snmp-server community STRING2

The Pix-501 is currently running on version 6.3(5).

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Re: Multiple SNMP strings on Pix-501

Hi Bro

You can’t possible compare Cisco IOS Routers and Switches with Cisco Firewalls. They are both different types of product, with totally different behaviors and purposes.

This is a Cisco FWSM/PIX/ASA Firewall limitation. You can only define one snmp community string, and that too has to be RO, and NOT RW. Perhaps, this Cisco URL link may shed some light on your query


There’s a reason to why Cisco Firewalls don’t support RW. RW is used generally, by network management tools such as Cisco Security Manager, Cisco MARS, CiscoWorks etc. to push configurations, IOS etc. to Cisco products in large masses. In fact, RW can also be used as a mitigation approach. Cisco Firewalls being a defensive product by nature, will not allow this to occur. There could be a possibility of un-stealth-ing the product. Hence, only RO is available. Mitigation approach in Cisco Firewalls can always be done through telnet/ssh, if needed.

Note: Perhaps, it doesn't make sense to use a vulnerable/non-secure protocol such as SNMP to manage a security appliance, unless SNMP v3 is introduced.

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Warm regards, Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam Technical Specialist/Service Delivery Manager – Managed Service Department

Multiple SNMP strings on Pix-501

Am not really sure. But try defining the host first and then the community string accordingly.

Also try upgrading to to the lastest available OS and configure.



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