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NAT of source- and destination addresses

Good day folks,

I have tried hard to find examples for the following scenario without luck. Here is my IOS (not PIX) problem:

Because of overlapping addresses problems, I have to allow internal clients to connect to servers through a router with static NAT. This would be a simple outside->inside NAT.

The problem is, that those packets with changed destination address arriving on the inside interface should also be

NATed to the interface's address

or a loopback interface or whatever.

So a connection packet from the client

to a server would need to have both

SA and DA changed.

I tried with ip nat inside + ip nat

outside combinations in whatever directions but either out->in or

in->out is failing and does not

traverse through the router.

In case you need more information

regarding this special case please let

me know. Otherwise, I would be very

happy if someone could provide me

either with a "simple, follow this

link and check it out" or with a

"forget it" (which I am not expecting :-)).

Thank you very much in advance and



New Member

Re: NAT of source- and destination addresses

This document demonstrates how you can use Network Address Translation (NAT) for overlapping networks. Overlapping networks result when you assign an IP address to a device on your network that is already legally owned and assigned to a different device on the Internet or outside network. Overlapping networks also result when two companies, both of whom use RFC 1918 IP addresses in their networks, merge. These two networks need to communicate, preferably without having to readdress all their devices.

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