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NAT question

will the following NAT config on an ASA conflict?

First part is for one to one NAT for inside address

static (inside,outside) netmask

access-list outside_in permit tcp host host

following is an exception for the one to one NAT. I have a host on the outside that needs to access the inside host, but they cannot use as the destination. So here was what I proposed:

access-list nat-exception permit ip host host 209.x.x.x

static (inside,outside)

access-list nat-exception

access-list outside_in permit tcp host 209.x.x.x host

basically I have a static NAT already in place, but have a new customer coming in that needs to access the same internal address via an address that is not the already defined static statement so I was wondering if the static with the access-list would be a workaround without conflicting with or affecting the one to one NAT? I'm guessing the one to one NAT trumps my idea. If anyone has any idea on how I can make this work please advise. Thanks

Community Member

Re: NAT question


I had the same type of issue. I had to use policy nat to fix it. The policy nat is triggered by access-list. Your second nat command is a policy nat. You should convert your one to one nat to a policy nat. You may still see a nat conflict pop on your CLI. But it will still work fine.

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