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NAT question

I was wondering if I can do a NAT translation between my internal network to another internal range?

I have my internal range 192.168.2.x and remote end tunnel network does not accept this range as they have this on their network as well. I cannot change my internal range. So they want me to do a translation on my internal network from 192.168.2.x to 10.220.x.x so they can accept traffic from 10.220.x.x

Is that possible to do this translation at my end?


Re: NAT question

Here's an example using a pix/asa 7.x for what you need:

what kind of firewall/vpn device do you have though?

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Re: NAT question

Thanks. This helped me to know how to configure this. My device is a Netgear VPN firewall FVG318 and the other end is Cisco ASA.

I dont think I can do this kind of translation on my netgear unit. Any other way I can configure this other than changing my internal range to 10.220.x.x?

Appreciate your quick response on this


Re: NAT question

The only other option would be if you had a device somewhere inbetween your LAN and vpn device that could do this sort of policy NAT.

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