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Need help buying new firewall/router

Hey guys. I'm looking for a new router security appliance. I would like it to be able to tell me how much bandwidth is being transfered over the wan and lan both for in and out. Like good logging/reporting feature. So if you download say 6gb from the net then it would say this and so forth. I'd like a weekly, monthly, total type of info. Comcast has gotten on people for downloading a lot so I'd like to keep track.

I would like this router to have gateway antivirus for scanning http, ftp, pop3, smtp and other protocols like nntp etc.

I would like antispam, antispyware, phishing protection if possible, and IPS. I'd like to be able to block all p2p like some other routers can do. I'd like content filtering so you pick from a list of categories what you want to block like adult content, violence web sites, hate etc and can enter in keywords to block etc.

I have Comcast 8/768 connection that will burst up to 16mb down to 20mb down for a few seconds. I'd like to be able to use the security and not really loose much in performance if possible. I have a Sonicwall now and loose over half of my connection with IPS only enabled. It sucks.

Can anyone recomend for around $850 something? I've seen Pix 501 and something else, but I forget, at CDW web site and others, but I don't know how the Management UI looks or what types of features they have or can do.

Also is there any chance I could get a web demo of the UI? I don't like buying something unseen. So I'd want to check out the management UI.

Thanks guys.


Re: Need help buying new firewall/router

Login to the below given link and the given procedures will help to order new cisco products.

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