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Need Help configuring an ASA5505 from a Pix

I have never messed with either a ASA5505 or any of the PIX line firewalls.  I am now being tasked to configure one from the settings that I was given in a text file that was taken from the PIX.  I can't seem to get the PIXtoASA tool since it is something apparently that requires a contract or something.  Is there a way to import the text into the CLI of the ASA and make it work or can someone help me with the set up.  This is going into a business and don't want them to be down while I try to figure out my mistakes. 


This might help.http://www

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I have tried that but in

I have tried that but in order to download the tool you have to have a service contract.  I am trying to set this up for a company that just purchased the device and getting nowhere fast.  I have ran into an issue with upgrading the ASA and the ASDM as well.

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