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Need help getting out with manual IP setting

Greetings all!!!

I've got an ASA 5505 that gets out just fine over my PPPoE connection to ATT's DSL. Only problem is, any machine that gets out is DHCP. I need to set a PC on the network to have a static IP (non-DHCP), but when I do this, it doesn't get out on the internet.

How can I fix this? Sorry, I'm totally new at this.

Thanks again.


Re: Need help getting out with manual IP setting

Hi, if I understand post, your inside get IP from ASA DHCP scope, you want to set up an inside host with static IP address not from DCHP pool, if this correct ? two things, is the static IP configured machine using correct DNS servers information in TCPIP settings same as other machines?if yes then this should get any host inside be PATed through outside interface IP for outbound internetc onnections.

global(outside) 1 interface

nat (inside) 1

[edit] if still problems provide asa config, strip public ip info.



Community Member

Re: Need help getting out with manual IP setting

Hi person,

Regarding this PC can connect to other machines in your internal network but cannot connect with Internet, you must be sure that all parameters obtained through DHCP will be configured mannualy in the host, like ip address, dns servers, default gateway, and so on.



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