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Net configuration issue with FWSM

I'm running into a similar problem where I can edit the firewall context config files on my 6509's FWSM by tftp'ing them over to a server, editing them there, and tftp'ing them back. Problem is, once I get them there, there's no way to merge them with the running config.

"copy start run" generates the error message "Command not valid in current execution space". The reload command doesn't appear in the individual contexts, and I can't afford to restart the entire FWSM and shut down the hundreds of Mbps of client traffic that flows through it any time any single client needs a config update that requires this form of editing.


Re: Net configuration issue with FWSM

For FWSM with multiple contexts, to copy context configurations to disk, including the admin configuration, try:

1. Copy from TFTP server:

FWSM# copy tftp://server[/path]/filename disk:[path/]filename

2. Copy from a FTP server:

FWSM# copy ftp://[user[:password]@]server[/path]/filename[;type=xx] disk:[path/]filename



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Re: Net configuration issue with FWSM

You're answering a different issue than the one I asked about. I can get the file over to the startup config fine. I can't get the startup to the running short of a reboot, which I can't do at will.

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