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Network Object Group


I use the version Pix 7.2.1 and ASDM version 5.2.1

I've found un problem when I want to add an existant address in a Network Object Group. I've sorted by name the existant Address and I try to add in to the member group. It's never the select address appears in the members group? Somebody has found the same problem?



Re: Network Object Group

Circular hunt groups enable Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) to route calls on the basis of last hunt group member to receive a call. Each hunt group maintains a record of which hunt group member receives a call. When a new call arrives, Cisco TCD dispatches the call to the next hunt group member in the hunt group. In other words, Cisco TCD routes the first call to a hunt group to the first hunt group member, the second call to the second hunt group member, and so on. After the last hunt group member receives a call, Cisco TCD routes calls beginning with the first hunt group member again.

You can use Cisco CallManager Attendant Console to create a circular hunt group. Attendant Console allows you the flexibility to establish a pilot point for incoming calls and then distributes the incoming calls on a phone or line level among multiple attendants. You can choose to route the call to the first available hunt group member or to distribute the incoming call load among the Hunt Group members

Before you create the circular hunt groups using Cisco CallManager Attendant Console, perform these steps:

Create the pilot points.

Create the hunt groups.

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