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Network to Network access.

We have asa's at our hotels. We have a brand network and our local network. I am trying to get the 172 nw to access the opera server and back. The given us a port on their netgate to access the server and assigned it the address. I had the sae configuration that you see now working and then we had to replace the asa and we can no longer get the connection to access the opera server. I have a host entry on all the workstations that use to access the server. any ideas?

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Network to Network access.


Do you mean that the gateway behind which the Opera network is found is supposed to be

I am just wondering as your ASA has a route towards a gateway address of

Also I am kind of wondering how this setup has worked. It would seem to me to possibly be a setup with asymmetric routing. I mean your hosts on the network probably use the ASA as their gateway and you have the network to which you need to connect through a gateway that is located in the same network.

To me it would seem that the connection forming would go like this

  • Host on the network sends TCP SYN to Opera server through ASA (default gateway)
  • TCP SYN reaches the server and server replies but the TCP SYN ACK is sent back from the Opera gateway directly to the host
  • Host sends the TCP ACK to the ASA (default gateway) and ASA blocks it as it has not seen the TCP SYN ACK at any point

Atleast to me it would seem to be the situation but I might be wrong.

This situation is usually avoided by using TCP State Bypass.

But I am not sure what the actual problem is at the moment.

- Jouni

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Network to Network access.

The gateway is  172.16 10.221. Sorry about that.  We use to be able to access the opera server  through a browser at but it no longer resolves after I replaced the asa. is the address they assigned to the netgate port we plugged into.  All traffic from going to the operaserver went through that port on their netgate.

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