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Novell NCP woth PIX NAT

Dear all,

I like to post the issues here for ur sight.

PIX firewall with 3 interfaces

Inside: (IP

outside: (IP

DMZ : (ip

MPLS switch ip as the gateway for the pix outside IP.

nat(inside) 10

nat (dmz) 10

global (outside) 10 interface

Now there are some novell server in the inside network with ip addresses and servers has 2 NIC with one goes to the firewall inside with default route to the inside ip, the 2nd NIC goes to the core switch SVI which is the Gateway.

The PC route table (PIX firewall inside) (4.0 is the VLAN 51 SUBNET in the other side of core switch.

there is an static NAT for the 2 servers nocell in the inside network,11.

In this setup the below is the pix config

static (inside,outside) netmask

static (inside,outside) netmask

access-list out-in permit ip any any

access-group out-in in interface outside.

When i use the novell clinet from the outside network to login to the server it fails but i can access other all the servers also thro pix even Msoft replication works fine.I tell u that the nat working fine with all the applications and ports but the novell server only i can not login.There is no tree also visible. IF i check the novell client PC ( "netstat -n it shows that " 1234 389 syn-xxx also port 524 (Novell NCP port)

I check the novell cool solutions site there saw the NCP will not work with PIX NAT.

Please anyone could give the solution.I am working with novell engineer to solve the problem. No success so far

Thanks in advance


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