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ODBC over Pix to Pix tunnel

I have an application that uses an ODBC driver called acuXDBC. The ODBC uses port 20222 to communicate to the server. This connection works perfectly fine internally on our local LAN. However, I just installed a machine at one of our remote locations that needs to be able to communicate over that port and can not get it to work.

The two locations are connected via a Pix to Pix tunnel. Our main office here is running a 501 with version 6.3(5). The remote location is a Pix 506. I am not certain of the software version right this moment.

I know only enough to get by when it comes to programming the Pix. For some reason I can not get port 20222 to communicate across the tunnel. The ODBC fails with a connection error and when I try to telnet using port 20222 to the server it comes back with a "can not connect to host".

When I log onto the remote machine and attempt a telnet session to the server on port 20222, I see this message in the remote Pix log:

302013: Built outbound TCP connection 13826630 for outside: to inside: (

302014: Teardown TCP connection 13826614 for outside: to inside: duration 0:02:01 bytes 0 SYN Timeout

However, I never see any corresponding entries in the Pix at our main location where the server resides. I will try to post the config of the 501 in our main office in another post.

*****Pix config is too large for the 4000 limit on these messages. I will be glad to paste portions of the config*****

Can anybody help? I cannot figure out why the traffic appears to be going out, but seems to never reach the other Pix.



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Re: ODBC over Pix to Pix tunnel

Pix config is attached.

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