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One public IP two private

Can a ASA 5510 NAT one public IP to two private IP's?

I ask becasue I have a Symantec Mail Security 8300 that recommends you assign two seperate IPs to the NICs. One for outgoing mail and one for incoming. I would like to place the one of the NICS in a DMZ for incoming SMTP. then the other on my LAN for mail delivery to the exchange servers.

would i need two seperate translation rules, one for incoming (MX ip to dmz), and one for outgoing mail (LAN to MX ip)?

Or am I way off base?!


Re: One public IP two private

If i understand correctly you are placing Symantec Mail Security 8300 in the DMZ .This device will be receiving all the emails on external NIC and then this device will be forwarding mails to Mail server(in DMZ) using internal NIC. if this is the case then you just need to map external NIC ip to public ip.



Re: One public IP two private

if u need the two pravate IPs to have a public addrees u need two public because u will get error message telling u duplict IP if u use one for two

if u wanna only the NIC on the DMZ has public ip address then as Saju mentioned u need one static nat or static PAT to point ur public ip with the required port to the pravite one

good luck

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