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Out of sync message

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I have an ASA5510 and it's been running fine for a while now. One thing I notice is, on the ASDM Firewall view, I notice sometimes that the Interface facing the Internet (Outside interface) its showing (  ) n/a - config out of sync for the Source and Destination. Any clue on this issue? Again, any idea or comments will be gladly appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Note: (  ) = any number incrementing</p>


<p> </p>


Re: Out of sync message

This problem generally happens, when ASDM was not able to decode the "hashvalue" of the ACE back to the CLI. In other words, we are passing a hash value of the ACE as a part of the "top rules" data and then trying to find which rule in the CLI (or rule table) created it using the "hash" as a key value.

So if the user changed the CLI behind the scenes, we will not be able to decode it. Another reason may be that "hashvalue" is calculated wrongely in the ASA or ASDM.

Please try to click on the "Refresh" button and wait for 10-20 seconds to see if this problem solved.

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Re: Out of sync message


Thank you for posting this. We have recently come across this issue and the "Refresh" button isnt resolving the case.

I cannot seem to match up the number of hits on the FW dashboard to the number of hits on any of the FW Rules, trying to trace the rule

Any thoughts/ideas welcome



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