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packet-trace bug in asdm 7.3(1) running 9.3(1) on an ASA5555-X

I've discovered a bug in the newly added SGT option when running a packet trace using ASDM. When you do not want to add or use the SGT number (leaving it unchecked), the command sent to the ASA5555 includes invalid syntax:

packet-tracer input outside tcp inline-tag -1 80 25567 xml

The "inline-tag -1" should not be included when the SGT number option is not selected and since it is, with an invalid number, the packet-trace fails every time. Command line works fine without the extra parameter and invalid value.

Question is -- has anyone else replicated this problem, or is it just new with this release?


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Same problem: ASA 5510

Same problem: ASA 5510 running ASA 8.2(3) and ASDM 7.3(1).

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packet tracer also fails for

packet tracer also fails for me.

running ASA 5520 8.4(5) and ASDM 7.3(1).

I downgraded back to 7.2(2) so I would have packet tracer capabilities.

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I have updated the ASDM to

I have updated the ASDM to version 7.3(1)101 and the problem I was having with packet tracer has been fixed.

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Same problem. ASA 5505

Same problem. ASA 5505 running ASA 8.4(2) and ASDM 7.3(1)

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Packet tracer bug fixed in

Packet tracer bug fixed in ASDM 7.3(1.101). Verified. Works.

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