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PAT Configuration - ASA5505 9.1(2) / ASDM 7.13

PAT Configuration - ASA5505 9.1(2) / ASDM 7.13

Hi Guys,

I been expending hours in this configuration that should be fairly easy but apparently is not. I been reading several post with different setups but without luck on my ends.

What i am trying to accomplish: = Simple Port Forwarding

I have a server with ip that it is listening on port 3306 in the inside network.

From what i know on 9.1(2)... i have to establish 4 things:

1. Network Object / Host IP

2. Static Nat

3. Access List

4. Access Group

....... So technically.... 4 lines of code should do the job....But Men... I been trying and trying and deleting and adding... I am dizzy now... Lol...

Any assistance or direcction from you with more knowelge will be great!

I dont have the configuration with me right now, but the ASA is new and empty, stock ACLs, there is only a nat entry allowing the nat to happen in order to go online.


PD: i will place the config in the morning if needed.

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Re: PAT Configuration - ASA5505 9.1(2) / ASDM 7.13

I figure it out playing with the new syntax and the new asdm, here it is in case you need it

1.- Enter the Network Object under NAT Rules:

2.- Enter the host info, select the translated address as OUTSIDE, select the advance button and place the following with the ports (Apply to save ):

3.- Now Enter Access Rules, select the OUTSIDE Interface and place as destination the NETWORK OBJECT created before:

4.- Enjoy

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Getting 3May 27 201414:46:49


3May 27 201414:46:49 xxx22731xxx443TCP access denied by ACL from xxx/22731 to outside:xxx/443
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This example with ASA5506 and Version 9.6(1) son't work.If posible send and example with CLI or with ASDM because i lost several hours with this problema and don't fix it


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