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Ping FWSM's outside insterface failed

I can ping the FWSM interface that is directly connected to my inside network,

but I am unable to ping outside interfaces. All applications(like http, ssh etc) from inside network to outside works fine. I can also ping switch's vlan interface which connect to FWSM directly. Is this normal?

I have acces list on both interfaces which permit icmp any any. I configure "icmp permit any outside' and "icmp permit any inside" at FWSM. The FWSM doesn't have any messages show up if I turn on debug icmp trace.

New Member

Re: Ping FWSM's outside insterface failed

That's normal behavior of the FWSM. If you ping the outside interface from a network device in the outside it should reply, but not from a device in the inside.

New Member

Re: Ping FWSM's outside insterface failed

Yes, I can ping FWSM's outside interface from a device outside. Thanks for your reply!

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