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PIX 501 Dynamic and Static NAT

I currently have dynamic nat in place for our schools lan, but I have two video conference units in place with public ip's off our catalyst 4503. Can I use static nat to place them behind the pix 501? If so what would the command look like if my public ip was and private ip was Do you know of any other ideas with video conferencing and a pix 501? Thanks in advance.


Re: PIX 501 Dynamic and Static NAT

Hello hopkins,

the command will look something like this:

static (inside,outside) netmask

You also need to define an ACL on the outside interface if some other devices or server are going to access

access-list outside permit tcp any host eq xx

access-group outside in interface outside..

Make sure you open the right ports for the access...

Hope this helps. all the best. rate replies if found useful..


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Re: PIX 501 Dynamic and Static NAT

Thanks for the reply. Do I have to set an acl on the outside interface? Can the others schools access the video unit by me just giving them the video units public ip? If an acl is needed, can I allow certain hosts other than going by the port equals statement. Hope I make sense. Just wondering thanks again. RT.

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