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PIX 501 locks up with network traffic

I have a PIX 501 running 6.3(5) that has started locking up, console and ethernet, then it reboots and locks up completely. As soon as any ethernet traffic is sent (ping, etc), it starts the lock and reboot. I've reset it to factory default and reflashed 6.3(5). Does anyone have any ideas? I've searched for about a week. Let me know what info you need.


Re: PIX 501 locks up with network traffic

Is the PIX in a production environment? what you may need to do while pix is properly functioning is to look into its performance and processies, I had a PIX506 with similar behaviour which it turned out to be sensitive to heat so I removed it away from other system decipating heat and the freezing rebooting went away...but this may not be your case as it could also be a hardware problem.

Monitoring pix performance

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Re: PIX 501 locks up with network traffic

I had to remove it from production. It will run all day long with just the console connected. As soon as I attach my laptop to any of the ports (1-4) it resets with a watchdog timeout, dumps, then reboots and locks.

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Re: PIX 501 locks up with network traffic

You wouldn't happen to have the crash dump off hand would you?

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