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pix 506e access


Our pix 506e firewall (this is the first time we are setting it up - it is a used device) is connected through ethernet 0 to a router, but we are unable to find the IP address assigned to it to access the configuration utility - Cisco PIX Device Manager (PDM). We are following the instructions seen here;

Our configuration is as follows;

internet - modem - router - pix

The router management software does not reveal it either. The Pix documentation states that the inside interface of the PIX Firewall is assigned and the PDM can be accessed from We've connected clients (with an automatically assigned IP) to the Pix through ethernet 1 and tried to connect to the PDM unsuccessfully.

We are aware that the PDM could be accessed from a console as seen here;

but we don't have these accessories at the moment.

The routers IP address is and it assigns ips beginning from - 192.168.1.x...

It would look like the Pix could not be as it is the IP of the router. Is there any advice or suggestions you have that would help us find the IP address of the pix connected to the router so we could access the PDM to configure it?

thank you,



Re: pix 506e access

Hello Adam,

Console cable looks like your only solution, but here are some advises.

E0 is usually the untrusted interface of firewall, which PDM access is not permitted by default. So plug e1 to a switch and try connecting it from a PC.

Second, you have to be sure that interface is setup as a dhcp client to expect it acquire an IP address from your router.

I assume you dont know the password of the device also, so accessing the PDM has no use. If you do know, learn the IP address of interface from the same person that you learned the password, and manually assign an ip in same subnet to a PC to manage the device.


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