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PIX 515 and PIX 515E


Just a couple of simple and quick questions for you. I have in my test use a PIX 515 and I noticed its out of date model that didnt even have info on it on Ciscos site (that i could find).

Is the only major difference between these 2 devices that PIX 515E is a enhanced version of the normal model when it comes to hardware specs?

If so does anyone of you know any good reviews/description (other than Ciscos own) of this model of PIX firewall that you could provide link for?

Do these 2 have any difference on the services that they provide?

Any help is appriciated

- Jouni Forss


Re: PIX 515 and PIX 515E


there are differences in performance, go over this link which will provide parallel information on both 515 and 515e



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Re: PIX 515 and PIX 515E

Thank you for the quick response!

I guess thats enough information on how the 2 devices vary from eachother.

Reason i asked this was that im currently doing my final work at school about small to medium sized company networks. I guess these networking devices are really out of date already. (Catalyst 3550 switch and Cisco PIX 515)

Though i guess the same things in these can be easily applied to the newer models on the market while also getting more addiotional services from the new models.

Thanks again,

Jouni Forss

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