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PIX 515e and outbound email.

I'm unsure as to why this is the case, but when we send out our mass mailer for the day (internal newsletter with more than 150 recipients), it will not hit our external mail server. This happened when I replaced our PIX 506e with our PIX 515e.


Re: PIX 515e and outbound email.

Difficult to say without any config but if the two PIX have the same config then there should not be any problem.

Can you post your config, but replace the public IPs with a name as Pub-outside-IP or something like this.

Have you checked the logs on the PIX ?

show log

Does a telnet on the public Mail IP on port 25 work ?


telnet 25

Have you checked if this is a name resolution problem ?



New Member

Re: PIX 515e and outbound email.

Hey, thanks for replying!

Email works great, for the most part, which means telneting out to port 25 works too, and name resolution works splendidly as well. It is such an odd ONLY happens when the distribution list on the email exceeds a certain number of people. We send out a daily email to our agents with a bunch of inane gibberish that typically gets ignored, but it won't go out with the new PIX. If we send it in chunks of, say, 25 people, it works fine.

One thing I did notice is that inspect esmtp is turned on. I turned it off (even though fixup smtp was turned on on the 506). Not sure if this will do it, but it is the only thing I can think of. I'm waiting for our secretary to send out the daily this afternoon to see if it goes through. If not, I'll post my configs and plead for more help.

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