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PIX 515e Cannot access asdm


I am trying to access my PIX 515e via the asdm console but keep getting 'The page cannot be found' error from Internet Explorer. When I try to access the http server I get the certificate warning first then the login dialog box. I enter the details and get the error. I have tested this on 2 different laptops and get the same error, however I can access a second PIX that is on the PDM version of the config console. I have been through the configuration and have definately set the asdm image to point to the image of the same name in the flash. I have also enabled the http server and done a ca zeroise to set the default-rsa-key. The interface is definately up, as I can telnet onto the PIX via Interface e1. I have read about requiring a DES key, but don't know where to get this from.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,



Re: PIX 515e Cannot access asdm

are you trying to access the pix from the inside LAN or Outside?

If accessing from inside your network

you may need Java on the laptops?

you need this to access PDM.

Also on the pix configure :

http inside

telnet inside

from IT browser try https instead of http

e.g. https://Inside_pixIP_address

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Re: PIX 515e Cannot access asdm


I am trying to access the PIX from the inside interface and have already installed Java on both the laptops. access rules are present to enable both http and telnet connections, and trying with https gives me the certificate error and authorisation dialog box, but then gives me the page cannot be displayed error.

The version of PIX software is 7.1(2) and the asdm is asdm-602.bin is this combination compatible or do they need to be a matched pair?

Also where can I download the 56bit DES key file from, as I don't have a Cisco login that provides this.


Re: PIX 515e Cannot access asdm

to run the ASDM you must have a DES license or a 3DES-AES license..

can you provide a show version to see what lisences you have enabled. most importantly

you need to downgrade your asdm version to 5.1.2 which is compatible with your current PIX code image. asdm-602 is for asa version code 8.0.

version combinations are:

7.0 --> 5.0

7.1 --> 5.1

7.2 --> 5.2

you can download asdm512.bin, this will require cco login, if you don't have access you need to contact cisco for access.

Product registration for optaining lisences.

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