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PIX 520 Booting problem


My name is Zab and my issue is that my firewall (PIX 520) on startup asks for floppy to boot. Since I have no such floppy disk how will I change the boot option so that it can boot without a floppy on its own?


Re: PIX 520 Booting problem

PIX devices that do not have an internal floppy drive come with a ROM boot monitor program that is used for the upgrade of the PIX Firewall image. Complete these steps in order to enter monitor mode on devices without a floppy drive:

Power cycle or reload the PIX. During bootup, you are prompted to use BREAK or ESC to interrupt Flash boot. You have ten seconds to interrupt the normal boot process. Press the ESC key or send a BREAK character in order to enter monitor mode.

If you use Windows HyperTerminal, you can press the ESC key or send a BREAK character by with the Ctrl+Break keystroke.

If you Telnet through a terminal server in order to access the console port of the PIX, you must press Ctrl ] in order to get to the Telnet command prompt. Then enter the send break command.

The monitor> prompt displays.

Proceed to the Upgrade the PIX Firewall given in the document

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