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New Member

pix 520 dont boot

i have this problem

the pix 520 dont boot

i cant update for this problem

Watchdog timeout failure! Please contact customer support.

PC SP STATE Runtime SBASE Stack Process

Lrd 8001632e 804a40a0 800509c0 0 804a30e0 4008/4096 arp_timer

Lsi 800198af 805071b4 80050518 0 805061f8 4004/4096 FragDBGC

Hrd 80012df4 805345dc 80050500 0 80533620 4004/4096 557mcfix

Crd 80012db4 80535684 80050980 162150 805346b0 3884/4096 557poll

Lrd 80012e4a 805366fc 800509c0 0 80535740 3964/4096 557timer

Hwe 8001cb39 8053778c 8004f8e8 0 805367d0 3992/4096 udp_timer

Lsi 8001b1ba 805411c8 80050518 0 80540208 4008/4096 route_process

H* 8001c195 7ffffe64 80050500 40 80543a10 14032/16384 boothelper

Cwe 80014563 8054b910 802fb1a4 20 8054a978 3732/4096

Hwe 80017dbf 8054c9ac 8050dcc8 0 8054ba08 3988/4096 icmp1

Hwe 80017dbf 8054da44 8050dca0 30 8054cab0 3908/4096 udp_thread/1

Thread Name: boothelper (Old pc 0x8001c195 ebp 0x805476a0)


0: 800035e1

1: 80001da5

2: 800002ca

3: 8000e6b0

4: 8000e835

5: 8000d31b

6: 800286be

7: 8000605d

vector 0x00000003

edi 0x80d5bba6

esi 0x00000300

ebp 0x8054735c

esp 0x80547350

ebx 0x8019eec8

edx 0x000003fd

ecx 0x00000000

eax 0x8002f490

error code 0x80027afc

eip 0x00000008

cs 0x00000046

eflags 0x8054736c

CR2 0x00000000

0x805473d0: 0x000a9011

0x805473cc: 0x0050e016

0x805473c8: 0x00000300

0x805473c4: 0x8000e6b0

0x805473c0: 0x805473d4

0x805473bc: 0x80000000

0x805473b8: 0x0000d42e

0x805473b4: 0x0050e016

0x805473b0: 0x00000300

0x805473ac: 0x00000206

0x805473a8: 0x00000008

0x805473a4: 0x8000e65e

0x805473a0: 0x0000700b

0x8054739c: 0x0000700b

0x80547398: 0x00000302

0x80547394: 0x00000302

0x80547390: 0x805473a4

0x8054738c: 0x805473c0

0x80547388: 0x00000300

0x80547384: 0x80d5bba6

0x80547380: 0x00000020

0x8054737c: 0x80547380

0x80547378: 0x800002ca

0x80547374: 0x805473c0

0x80547370: 0x80001da5

0x8054736c: 0x80547374

0x80547368: 0x80192cc0

0x80547364: 0x80003544

0x80547360: 0x800035e1

0x8054735c: 0x8054736c

0x80547358: 0x00000046

0x80547354: 0x00000008

0x80547350: 0x80027afc *

0x8054734c: 0x8002f490

0x80547348: 0x00000000

0x80547344: 0x000003fd

0x80547340: 0x8019eec8

0x8054733c: 0x80547350

0x80547338: 0x8054735c

0x80547334: 0x00000300

0x80547330: 0x80d5bba6

0x8054732c: 0x00000003

0x80547328: 0x8000395d

0x80547324: 0x8054735c

0x80547320: 0x00000300

0x8054731c: 0x8019eec8

0x80547318: 0x00000020

0x80547314: 0x8000255a

0x80547310: 0x80547324

0x8054730c: 0x8054730c

0x80547308: 0x80547308

0x80547304: 0x80001c9d

0x80547300: 0x80547310

0x805472fc: 0x708b38b1

0x805472f8: 0x43f002bd

0x805472f4: 0xf8e3b034

0x805472f0: 0x95d43293

0x805472ec: 0x02dfba6a

0x805472e8: 0x8d3a7f9b

0x805472e4: 0x00800000

0x805472e0: 0x00800000

0x805472dc: 0x8002f4e8

0x805472d8: 0x007e0000

0x805472d4: 0x00000118


Cisco Secure PIX Firewall BIOS (3.6)

Booting Floppy


Cisco Secure PIX Firewall floppy loader (3.0) #0: Tue Sep 11 07:34:46 PDT 2001

Reading installation media..............


mcwa i82559 Ethernet at irq 10 MAC: 0002.b30b.8abc

mcwa i82559 Ethernet at irq 15 MAC: 00d0.b792.5200

mcwa i82558 Ethernet at irq 11 MAC: 00e0.b603.f3cf

mcwa i82558 Ethernet at irq 10 MAC: 00e0.b603.f3ce

mcwa i82558 Ethernet at irq 15 MAC: 00e0.b603.f3cd

mcwa i82558 Ethernet at irq 9 MAC: 00e0.b603.f3cc

Flash=i28F640J5 @ 0x300

BIOS Flash=AT29C257 @ 0xfffd8000

Cisco Employee

Re: pix 520 dont boot

you are hitting a bug here.i do not recall the bug id but try to upgrade to the latest 6.3.5.that should resolve this.