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Pix 525e issue after upgrade to gig Port

We upgraded our internet connection to 300Mb today utilizing a pix-1ge-66 card.

The connection used to be 100mb via the standard 100Mb port that ships with unit.

Since that time, access to "some" of our internal sites stopped.

We own a Class B address space.   The problem is not unique to any particular subnet or machine type.

We even have 1 server with 2 ip address.    1 IP can be access, the other cannot.

We have 2 separate RDP servers on the same subnet in the same switch.   Again, 1 can be accessed, the other cannot.

I can't come up with any 1 common denominator outside that the gig port is new.

Access from our internal network to the Internet works fine.

I applied the exact same configuration to the new gig port as the old 100Mb port.

I even tried applying an access-list that had "permit ip any any" to gig port.

I suspect something with the firewall or gig port.

If I connect the 300Mb  Internet connection to a 3750e gig port; everything works fine.

Unfortunately, it also means we don't have a firewall anymore.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on what else I should be looking at on the Pix.



PS:  The Pix is running ver. 6.3(4).


Re: Pix 525e issue after upgrade to gig Port


I would not think it is a physical problem with the new port of the PIX since it partially works fine.

Could be a configuration issue (even though you're using the same configuration).

In order to get some help here, you can post your configuration and let's us know which IP's are having problems.


New Member

Re: Pix 525e issue after upgrade to gig Port

Thanks Federico.

I apologize for late response, but I went on vacation after posting this message.

We have an ASA5550 on order, so we are going to table any further troubleshooting on the PIX.

Thanks again.


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