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PIX Failover Active/Active versus just enabled

Howdy, I apologize for my ignorance but I've currently got one Pix 515 w/ failover enabled and access to another w/ failover active/active. What's the difference and can I use one of them or both in a dual ISP configuration? I'd like for my home servers to be on cable internet & DSL at the same time (NS1 on cable, NS2 which is the same box on DSL.) Don't know how possible it is. I've also got a ASA5505 w/ 50 UL says its Dual ISP is disabled but I assume purchasing a Security Plus lic will solve that right? (And would that allow me to answer web requests from dual ISPs from the same box? Would like to setup a simple round robin DNS for my webservers to utilize both net connections.)

Again, sorry for my ignorance but I'm only now getting familiar enough to config ACLs =(

I'm a noob. Cheers,



Re: PIX Failover Active/Active versus just enabled

In PIX you can connect two ISP's to a single PIX but they will not do load sharing. For this you will need to connect one ISP to each of the PIX and configure routing properly. Following links may help you

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