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New Member

PIX Failover update

I planned to update 2 PIX 525 in failover Active/Standby configuration from 6.3 to 7.2.

For that, I will failover on the standby pix and disconnect all the primary cables (including serial cables)to upgrade it locally.

Primary PIX has an UR license and Secondary a FO license.

I have a question:

If I disconnect all the cables of the Primary PIX, will the Standby one continue to pass the trafic until the primary pix will recover ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


New Member

Re: PIX Failover update

To verify perform failover and power off primary in your MW. It should pass the traffic but I would like see more reply on your question.

Following url might help.

New Member

Re: PIX Failover update


I knew that procedure, but I would like to update only one of my both PIX in version 7.2 to let us time to check the good functionality.

By the way, if I encountered an important issue, I just would power off my primary PIX and power on the Standby in version 6.3 to minimize the downtime.

So, it's important for me to know if I disconnect completely the Primary PIX, the secondary will continue to work during several days.

New Member

Re: PIX Failover update

I heard that a failover only (FO) will reboot every day if it does not detect the primary UR failover peer.

Is it true ?

Will it arrive if the serial failover cable is always connected by the primary PIX is powered off ?

I can't test it now by less of equipment.

Thanks for advice.

New Member

Re: PIX Failover update

The pix with FO license will reboot automatically every 24hrs.I guess it will behave the same way even if it is attached to the primary pix which is powered off

New Member

Re: PIX Failover update


Yes the secondary will still forward the traffic

New Member

Re: PIX Failover update

Yes with the FO license, it will reboot every 24h if it does not see the primary.

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