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PIX Firewall Port Problem


My users located on inside of pix firewall is not able to use gmail via outlook. Though i have opened the ports for smtp and pop3 as well as secure ports for smtp 95 and 465 also.

But still the user is not able to use outlook express for gmail.

I have even tried to cap the traffic for pop and smtp but still not able to see any log in it.

My inside access-list is allowing http, https,smtp, pop3, 465 and 995.

gmail required outgoing smtp 465 and incoming pop is 995.

Please help me out.

Community Member

Re: PIX Firewall Port Problem

Can you post the access-list rules including the hitcount? Also, if the firewall is not to busy, you could enter a line at the last line which says: deny ip any any log

In that case you will see the denied connections.

It might not even be a acl issue. Are the users being natted outside (via a global?)

Community Member

Re: PIX Firewall Port Problem

it is working now, i have opened the smtp, pop3 and 465, 995 ports and it is started working. Yes the users were natted for going towards intenet.

but now it is working. thanks for the reply

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