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PIX Password issue

The telnet and enable password on my PIX are not working. They were changed and the lines in the config read:

password <password> encrypted. and

enable password <password> encryupted.

The password listed is the password that was typed in only it is in clear text.

I can get into the ASDM because it requires user name.

How can I resolve this issue?



Re: PIX Password issue

If you have access to the ASDM then just change telnet and enable password using ASDM.

Super Bronze

Re: PIX Password issue

Not sure if its the case but,

When you apply username/password LOCAL authentication on PIX i think it will override all the other passwords set to different connection methods like you have configured. And it will then require some username/password pair that you have configured in the PIXs LOCAL database.

Not sure if this is even relevant to your problem but thought id post this here. Was doing my final work and wondered why some passwords didnt work at one point.

Re: PIX Password issue

Community Member

Re: PIX Password issue

I presume you mean you can't get into the asdm.

If you do not know the passwords and try putting a space at the beginning of what they should be or after as I have fat fingered it like that as well.

If that does not work, login into CCO and get the program you need to do a password recovery.

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