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PIX Version 8 EIGRP or OSPF Load Balancing

Hi All,

I have three pix's connected to three external Wan Links.I am wanting to share each pix default route to one another so I have ISP resiliency. It is mainly for load sharing, so I can maximise on bandwdith not being used, on low user sites.

They are all visible at layer 3 on the internal interfaces.

I have tried using EIGRP and OSPF to advertise static routes. In the case of OPSF I have used default-originate .

Obviously the only way I can get the static routes to propagate is if at one of the sites there is no static route configured. Is there anyway to mitigate this ?

My aim is to have three external default routes avaliable in each pix's route table via either OSPF or EIGRP.

Many Thanks,

Jon Humphries CCSP

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Re: PIX Version 8 EIGRP or OSPF Load Balancing

A static route by default will always have a lower metric than a route obtained via a routing protocol. You could set the metric in the static route so that it might be higher than a possible route obtained via OSPF for example. Then possibly the OSPF default route would be used before the static route would be used.

If you can't get the PIX to do it, you could look at using the border routers to originate the default gateway and then try to GRE tunnel an OSPF session back into an interior WAN router.

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Re: PIX Version 8 EIGRP or OSPF Load Balancing


Thanks for your reply. The static metrics is an avenue I considered. I also figured that inserting border routers would be the best way forward. I think I will go with the latter. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

Jon Humphries

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