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Port forwarding and port redirection

Hello everybody ! I'm new at the ASA5500 domain. I have a question: How can I redirect traffic coming on a port to a machine inside the lan listening to another port ? I would like to use ASDM.

Thank you in advance.

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Port forwarding and port redirection

Will assume for your example that external users corporate can only use port 80 outbound from their network.  THey need to access port 7777 behind the asa on a private inside host.

object network extuser


object network PCwith_Server


object network Nat4portforwardingService


object service specialfunction

service tcp destination eq 7777

object service corporate_port

service tcp destination eq 80

object-group catchall

service-object service special function

sercive-object service corporate_port

NOTE: I create the two service objects ports involved and lump them into a group object  for the acl rule.  It is still not clear in my mind how the asa actuallyhandles acls and nat in order due to a poorly documented support and  unnat process evident in packet tracing.   Normally according to docs ACLs are done first then nat, so one would expect in our example that port 80 only needs to have an outside ACL rule.  Due to experience I put both in the acl rule.......


ideally only need acl for port 80

access-list outside_access_in extended permit object corporate_port object extuser object PCwith_Server

to be safe this is what I use......

access-list outside_access_in extended permit object-group catchall  object extuser object PCwith_Server

(for any external user replace 'object extuser' with 'any'


object network NAT4portforwardingService

nat (inside,outside) static interface service  tcp 7777 www


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