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Port Forwarding

I am having an issue with getting our email, web, etc. forwarded to our internal servers. We have a ASA 5520 running version ASA Version 7.0(6). The issue I have is that our "Outside" interface is a natted address, not a real "Public" address. The ISP is forwarding all packets to the "Outside" address. I just don't know if because it is already natted that it might be the problem.

I can get out to the Internet fine but nothing coming back on the opened ports.

I attached my config for reference.

Thanks for the help,



Re: Port Forwarding

Your ISP needs to NAT the public IP to you or they will have to setup the NAT for you and then you have to work some magic too. It's easier for them to hand you a public IP. Give them a call and tell tham what you are doing and that you need a real public IP.

Re: Port Forwarding

Hi ..

the config on your ASA seems OK .. just double check with your ISP that they have set up a STATIC nat for ( your outside ASA's interface ) .. you then need to ask them which is the public IP they are STATICALLY nating to ... you then need to access those servers by pointing to that Public IP. At the moment your ISP probably had only set up outbound access for you to go out to the internet but there might not be configuration for traffic initiated from the Internet.

I hope it helps ... please rate if it it does !!

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