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Problem with DNS Resolution behind ASA running 8.2(5)

I've been dealing with an ASA that periodically won't pass DNS traffic either over the VPN tunnel or to public DNS servers. About every 2 months or so, I get called by a customer that has a remote location that can't access either internal or Internet resources. The problem is name resolution. Nslookup times out for both internal and external DNS servers, but all other ports seems to function OK. I can access UNC paths, web sites, RDP, etc using the IP.

In the past, I've worked on the broken name resolution, and after messing with the ASA configuration (taking things out and putting config back in) and rebooting, the connection comes back. When it works, the configuration is the same as it was before, so I'm really stumped. I've included the configuration, so can someone there please check it out? The AD DNS servers are and

Thank you.

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