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Public to Private IP readdressing?

I have a PIX 515E w/ 7.0. We have a Wireless network that is associated with its own interface. We have 3 interfaces: INET, LAN and WIRELESS. There are no DNS servers on this network and clients perform DNS lookups to the Internet provider's servers. We are having an issue where a user using wireless needs to get to our Outlook Web Access on our mail server. This cannot be performed as the DNS server translates the address to a public IP address for our mail server and the PIX just sends it out and never reaches the destination. This is true for all Public IPs on our subnet. Is there a way for the PIX to translate the public IP to the private IP of the mail server and redirect to it? Or is there another way of doing this? Thanks


Re: Public to Private IP readdressing?

You have 2 options. You can use dns doctoring or destination nat.

Destination NAT

If mail server is on inside and request is coming from wireless then...

static (LAN,WIRELESS) public.ip private.ip netmask

DNS Doctoring

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