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QOS unsupported w/ Transparent FW. How?

Researching transparent firewalls and there is a healthy list of features not supported natively (but can be allowed with ACLs). One feature that is not discussed at all is QOS. All the docs I can find simply say that QOS is not supported through a transparent firewall.

What does that mean exactly? If I'm using a transparent firewall between an MLS and a router, with all the QOS classification and marking happening on the MLS, does the Transparent Firewall re-mark something? or do they mean to say you just can't do classification/reclassification and marking on a transparent firewall?


Re: QOS unsupported w/ Transparent FW. How?

It simply means that you can add special treatment to the packet such as a priority with the priority Q police and stuff like that, you will not be able to mark those kind of packets. As for the bits and marking the ASA will not modify the packet and the QoS bits of any packet going through it, those will be reserved.

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