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RDP 3389 Forwarding

Hey all, Im new on here and a newbe with cisco. I have a customer I have set up a Cisco 870 which is working. I am trying to set up RDP to my server on there network.

My config is as follows.

NAT Config


Direction from inside to outside

Translate from: IP address: server (local)

translate to:

Type: Interface

interface: dialer0{ATM0.1}

Redirect Port TCP 3389

Firewall Rule:


Source: any

Destination: any

tcp source: any

tcp destination: 3389

I have tried changing the destination address to my servers but it still doesn't connect when i use remote desktop from home to my server.

I would appreciate any help!



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Re: RDP 3389 Forwarding


Would it be possible if you could see if there is any ACL's on the outside interface. If so, please make sure you have the IP and the port allowed.

Also, if you could please see if the statement is configured as given below that would be great.

ip nat inside source static 3389 interface Dialer0 3389

Where would be the internal IP address of the server.

Let me know.



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Re: RDP 3389 Forwarding

Thanks Gilbert for the responce.

I have since reset the router, and only set up the internet with no firewall.

The IP Address of cisco internal:

IP Address of Server to RDP to:

All i have set up now is NAT


Direction : inside out

Tanslate from

no netmast

translate to: outside Dialer0

Type Interface

redirect to 3389

I get the error the client computer could not connect to the remote computer.

Can you set up the Cisco router using only 1 ip address??

Thanks for all your help

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Re: RDP 3389 Forwarding

Can you please cut and paste the command that you have on the Cisco router for the NAT section.

You should be able to map the internal address and tcp port to the interface address.

sh ip nat trans

The above command will give you the output of static translation that you had configured for.


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Re: RDP 3389 Forwarding

Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for all your help I have no resolved this problem. I set up an FTP server and that worked fine through the firewall it was a problem with my laptop and remote desktop rather than the firewall.



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