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Real IP Address for Home Office via ASA


I'm rather new to posting to these forums so please forgive me if I've posted this question in the wrong forum.

What I'd like to do is connect an ASA 5505 at my home to our headend ASA at the office so I can use my office desk IP phone at my home office. I currently have a network setup at home that I connect to when I'm away from home, and would like to keep this ability in place. My thoughts were to create an "outside" and "inside" VLAN on the remote 5505 and connect my cable modem and home network both to ports placed in the "outside" VLAN on the 5505. Both my home NAT router and the ASA would then grab publicly routable IP addresses via DHCP from my ISP. After some investigation it appears that I can only bind the "ip address dhcp setroute" command to the VLAN interface, so I'm not sure if that will allow my home NAT router to grab an address on the 2nd port configured in the outside VLAN.

I'm aware that I can place my home network in a DMZ off the remote 5505, but then I have to double NAT (at the ASA and then at my home router) and I'd rather NOT get into that.

What I'm essentially trying to do is create a hub/switched environment for my Internet segment at home using the switch in the ASA to do so. The outside interface of my ASA and my home NAT router would both sit on this segment and grab unique public IP addresses from my provider.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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