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Redirect SMTP traffic

I have a ASA5520 that is the default route out of a network.

I need it to redirect all outbound smtp traffic to another gateway off the network.

I need the eqivalent of the following..

access-list 103 permit tcp any any eq smtp

route-map EMAIL permit 1

match ip address 103

set ip next-hop

Its the set ip next-hop that is not supported in the ASA - any ideas?

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.0(6)

Device Manager Version 5.0(6)


Re: Redirect SMTP traffic

so you need to redirect all outbound smtp traffic to another smtp gateway, one that is not part of your network? but out on the net somewhere?

Can't you just configure a mail-relay on your email server?

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Re: Redirect SMTP traffic

I need to direct the SMTP traffic to an ISA firewall that has has an email archive application. So i need the ASA box not to let smtp traffic out to the internet but send it to another internal ip address.


Re: Redirect SMTP traffic

Just point the mail server to the ISA firewall as a mail-relay.

*If* you are running MS Exchange, follow these instructions:

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