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Regarding Static Route and Dynamic route in PIX

Dear Team,

1. Following is the syntax for static route

route interface-name IP-netmask gateway metric

Here metric means the no. of hops to reach to the gateway(which will be normally 1 i.e. next hop) OR it means the number of Hops to reach to destination..If it is for reaching destination how we can define the number of Hops .Sometimes if we are accessing some internet site and we will not be aware about the path it take to reach the destination and the number of hops required because the number of hops may change depending upon path availability.

2. Secondly in case of Dynamic routing e.g. RIP .As the document says that PIX can receive routing updates from other devices but can not distribute routing updates to other devices.Will it includes the routes generated within PIX.I mean to say PIX will have its own interfaces IP adresses and these network also need to be advertized to other device.Will these routes also cannot be ditributed to other devices OR it mean only that the PIX cannot forward the routes to other device which it has received from one device.



Re: Regarding Static Route and Dynamic route in PIX


1-Its not the metric, its the administrative distance (which is usually 1 or 0 for static routes).

Administrative distance is the measure used by Cisco routers to select the best path when there are two or more different routes to the same destination from two different routing protocols. Administrative distance defines the reliability of a routing protocol. Each routing protocol is prioritized in order of most to least reliable (believable) using an administrative distance value. A lower numerical value is preferred, e.g. an OSPF route with an administrative distance of 110 will be chosen over a RIP route with an administrative distance of 120.

2- Im really not sure.


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