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Remote Access VPN creation in PIX 515E Version 6.3(5)


I want to create a remote access VPN connection for a partner to our company IT resources. I have a failover system PIX 515E with 6.3(5) OS. PIX outside interface has RFC 1918 IP Address and is connected to a router witch in turn is connected to our ISP through Leased Line. PIX have also an available DMZ interface with RFC1918 IP address configured.

1. Can I configure IKE with ISAKMP enable on this DMZ interface to terminate the VPN remote connections? If no why? I have available public IP Address for static NAT with either outside or DMZ interface.

2. How can I control the traffic from the remote users to my internal network in PIX firewall? Can I use a kind of Access list somewhere?

3. What version of VPN software client I can use with Version 6.3(5) OS?

4. Can I preconfigured in any way the VPN software client with specific settings and give it to our customer locked and ready to use it?

5. Finally can I force the VPN software client to not allow concurrent internet access and VPN traffic from remote PC with this OS version?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Remote Access VPN creation in PIX 515E Version 6.3(5)

To answer your questions

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Any

4. Yes

5. Yes


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