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Remote license upgrade on Failover pair

Hello all,

I need to upgrade the licenses on a failover pair remotely and have a few questions. I was following the guide at:

but it doesn't seem to have gone exactly to plan. The first 2 points state the following:

  1. Upgrade the license in primary and do a write mem to save the configuration.

  2. Now shut down the primary (do not reboot). This will make secondary active. Do not remove any of the cables throughout the upgradation process.

The problem I have is that when applying the license upgrade to the primary, the failover pair was broken do to a difference in, well.. licenses. This means the secondary wont go active if i shutdown the primary.

I'd like to know whether it is safe for me to simply apply the identical license to the secondary device and reactivate failover remotely. The primary currently has around 30 L2L VPNs terminating on it so I can't risk it crashing/hanging or generally incurring any downtime when I reactivate failover.

If anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated.

On a similar point, I activated failover remotely on another pair a few weeks back and they both crashed before config was replicated. Admittedly this was using the management interface for failover, but all config had been cleared so it has left me a little hesitant.

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Re: Remote license upgrade on Failover pair

Pls. read this thread.

We are still working on getting Cisco document (docId=70390 ) corrected based on the problems faced for a few of them in the above link.


Community Member

Re: Remote license upgrade on Failover pair

Thanks, I had searched before hand but somehow missed that thread...

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