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Replacement ASA quesstion

The other day we had a power failure and it broke our ASA 5520. We got a replacement and I placed the config on it. I also used the same cables and ports on the switch to reconnect it.

After clearing the arps on our internet router and our internal router (Default gateway) traffic started to flow.

We tested everything and it?s all up and running.

Now I am all remote and we had someone onsite for smart hands. Before we disconnected the call the person onsite stated there?s something with the ASA

We have the following ports enabled

Gi 0/0 (Outside), Gi 0/1 (Inside) ,Gi 0/2 (DMZ)

Now all 3 of them are plugged into our core switch on Gig ports. On the ASA the inside interface is showing amber. When I do a sh int it?s connected at 1000 and full. All the other interfaces have the same settings. But they all show green and blink. The inside interface is showing amber.

Now everything seems to be working fine. What is causing that port to be amber?

Could it be a defective replacement ASA?

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Re: Replacement ASA quesstion

check the speed and duplex setting on sw and fw side. and try to fix them and check again.



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Re: Replacement ASA quesstion

its plugged into my Core switch which is all gig ports. There is no option on the CAT o/s to make it auto. Its all Gig. On the ASA the port is setup to auto/auto. When i do a Show int Gi0/1 it shows its connected at 10000/full.

Now Gi0/2 and Gi0/3 are configured as auto/auto and connected to the same module and they are green and blinking.

I even unplugged one of them and plugged 0/1 into it (On the same port on the core) and it still stayed amber.

I am at a lost here.

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Re: Replacement ASA quesstion

When you are looking at the ASA interface connection you will see two LEDs one on the left and another on the right

Left one indicates link and activity

Right one indicates speed, not lit is 10 mbps, green is 100 and amber is 1000

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