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Resetting PIX 515E 'enable' password and/or Factory Reset

                   We have a PIX Firewall where the last user of the device had not changed the 'enable' password and username so we are locked out of the device. I did some research and found a password reset tool that was supposed to clear the 'enable' password on the device. I set up a TFTP with the 'np61.bin' file needed. I went into 'monitor>' mode, set the interface, address and server address and it pings with success. I pointed it at the file and sent the 'tftp' command. I saw it downloading and booting off the binary file and after letting it go for a little bit (I walked away for a little while and came back to my telnet prompt) I noticed it was stuck in a loop:

No bootable image in flash. Please download an image from a network server in the monitor mode

Failed to find an image to boot


                    I downloaded a copy of the latest firmware, 'pix804-28.bin', and repeated the process used for the password reset file. After loading, I am greeted with my familiar prompt:



Username: pix

Password: pix

Username: pix


Username: cisco

Password: cisco

Access denied.


                    I then did a hard reset, and was stuck back in the loop I was in before, asking me to reflash a boot image. I now need to somehow load the IOS back onto the router (As it seems to just be booting from the TFTP server), and then after that still remove the enable password or somehow default the entire firewall to Factory Defaults. If anyone knows how to solve my issue or has any ideas for me to try, you help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

New Member

Resetting PIX 515E 'enable' password and/or Factory Reset

Still having trouble with this, has no one encountered this problem before?

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