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Restrict Bandwidth

Hi, I know that Cisco ASA has limited QOS but is there any other way so that I restrict bandwidth usage on users and allocate bandwidth as per user requirements. I have 1mbps lease line link and when users download anything through internet then network gets slow and all users suffers so I want to allocate only 20 kb to each user, means each user will able to use upto 20 kb not higher than 20 kb. Thnaks

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Re: Restrict Bandwidth

You can use MQC to rate-limit (Policing) the traffic and apply the service-Policy on the outside inetrface. Release 7.x and later provides this feature of rate limiting.

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Re: Restrict Bandwidth

Hi Thanks. Is there any example of MQC configuration so that it would be easy for me to configure. Thanks

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Re: Restrict Bandwidth

I recently use this conf to limit bandwidth used by internal users conecting to an external terminal server.

access-list acl_QoS extended permit tcp any any eq 3389

class-map class_QoS

match access-list acl_QoS

policy-map outside_policy

class class_ QoS

police output 56000 1500

service-policy outside_policy interface outside

I can see that ASA restrict no tonly outgoing but returning traffic matched by this ACL.

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