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Restrict Network Bandwidth

Hi, We have around 100 users in our inside network. Can we restrict on downloading or assign bandwidth speed to users like in the way of divide bandthwidth. I want if user need to download then he wont able to take highter bandwidth except upto 15 kb. Can anyone suggest which options we can use in this regard. Thanks.

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Re: Restrict Network Bandwidth

QoS support on PIX/ASA is very limited - if you need more features, you need IOS platform.

We can do Policing and Prioritizing on the ASA firewall, but can not do traffic shaping and bandwidth reservation upto minimum level on the ASA as of now. This is IOS feature.

Traffic shaping was ported from IOS and scheduled to be added in version 7.2(4) and 8.0(4) via the commit of CSCsk06260.

It is filed as future enhancement request. ID :- CSCsk06260.

To have more info on it, please check it with following link:-

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Re: Restrict Network Bandwidth

However you can try to rate limit with your asa:

PIX/ASA 7.x and Later: Bandwidth Management(Rate Limit) Using QoS Policies



Re: Restrict Network Bandwidth

Pix 7.x supports very limited QoS. Furthermore,

most of the 7.x and 8.x codes are in ED

releases which I do not trust to run it in

a production enviroment.

From what I can see in your requirements,

you can use IOS. If your requirements dictates

that you must have both QoS and Firewall on the

same device, then Checkpoint firewall is

better suited for your requirements.

Checkpoint firewall comes with standard

QoS (free) or a more granular version which

is not free.

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Re: Restrict Network Bandwidth

If the solution need a real traffic shaper (with advanced DPI technology upgradable without security problem ...) the better solution is a product like ALLOT


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