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RTP/UDP with FWSM 3.1(1) Peer to Peer issues

Thought I would post my problem here on the off chance that I'm not the only one.

Behind a PIX 501 running 6.x code and behind a FWSM 2.3 this works without a problem.

host1, host2 and host3 are behind an FWSM (3.1(1)) and are on the same subnet The /16 is tied to a PAT address host1 can host a game which utilizes UDP high ports and host2 can join that game, however host3 can not join that same game. Each host contacts a "NAT Service' which provides for match making and figuring out whos IP is who's however of course the packets go out the fwsm and make a big fat uturn and end up taking to each other with a source of the Thinking that host1 and host2 are fine because only one of them at that moment according to packet captures is 160l.33.43.231 but host3 never gets matched into the game with the rest of them because it is also as a source. On note however is that if attempted 45-50 times you eventually get connected and once playing can play all day long. However behind a PIX 501 or a FWSM running 2.3 this works consistantly time after time without issue.

The protocols in use are UDP RTCP/RTP some G.711 (It's peer to peer for voice, game play, etc.)

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