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Simple 506e

We have a very simple setup. Have a single T1 line coming into our office and would like to connect to the internet through our 506e. We had it working just fine at our old office through a DSL line.

I though it would be a simple matter of changing the outside ip address and route outside command but have been unsuccessful in all attempts to connect to the internet.

What we have:

ip subnet

subnet mask


ip address range

dns entries for our isp

What should we do assuming we have a factory-default pix.



Re: Simple 506e

Where is the t1 terminating?

You cannot terminate it directly to the pix. You need a router with a csu/dsu to terminate the t1 connection.


Re: Simple 506e

see simple is that..

You need to : If you have factory default.

Assign IP address to interface inside and outside both

do nat Inside IP pool with Outside Ip address

route to Next hop.

Open access-list for inside IP address.

nameif gb-ethernet0 outside security0

nameif gb-ethernet1 inside security100

interface gb-ethernet0 1000auto

interface gb-ethernet1 1000auto

ip address outside 204.x.x.2

ip address inside

*** NAT ***

global (outside) 1 204.x.x.15

nat (inside) 1 0 0

access-group 100 in interface outside

route outside 0.0.x.x.69.198.1 1


If you have previously configured PIX, that was running on older site than you need to do few changes only.

Outside interface IP address..

At NAT statment Older IP should be there.. remove it put this newer one.

Point route to next hop, by use of new IP.

That's it. You are good than.


If you don't know more than... show running config take it into notepad..

Replace older ISP IP by NEWER ISP IP..... upload came config by COPY TFTP RUN



Dharmesh Purohit

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