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Simple Mail NAT Config

All, I'm having a nightmare getting my 5510 configured, primarily due to lack of knowledge on anything Cisco.

I know NAT'ing my mail in should be simple as redirecting port 25 to my internal exchange server.. naturally, I don't know enough to even do this.

Lets call my outside interface, and my exchange server, off of the internal nic of

How can I get incoming mail to go to that server?

On another note, If anyone lives in DC/Nova I'm looking for someone to get my non functioning VPN working as well, as I've failed to resolve it online.

Thank you very much, I'm supposed to cut over to the internal exchange server tomorrow and i'm getting scared now.

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Re: Simple Mail NAT Config

static (inside,outside) tcp interface smtp x.x.x.x smtp netmask

access-list inbound_traffic extended permit tcp any interface outside eq 25

access-group inbound_traffic in interface outside


x.x.x.x is the internal ip of the exchange server.

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Re: Simple Mail NAT Config

Thank you very much.

I just wiped my config from scratch and only reconfigured it with everything I know was 100% right.

I'll post feedback soon as I can verify this is working, though I'm sure it will.



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Re: Simple Mail NAT Config

Thank you so much.

Worked perfectly.

I haven't migrate my exchange over yet, but I used and EVDO card and bmail.exe and spoofed some email through the firewall.

All delivered.

Seriously, this is about the first thing that went right on my first try on the ASA. LOL

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Re: Simple Mail NAT Config


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